Faculty/Staff Connections

As part of the Rising Tides, students are not just another nameless person in a huge lecture hall. The professors who teach the Rising Tides courses get to know their students as individuals, and are committed to student success. Our professors first get to know students during the Humboldt Immersion, and small class sizes during the semester allow students to build upon this relationship.

Rising Tides support staff is readily available to answer questions, help students with scheduling concerns, and point students towards campus resources and opportunities. We work closely with the Academic and Career Advising Center to ensure that students are always making decisions that best align with their career goals.



Students in Rising Tides interact with a range of community partners during the Humboldt Immersion and throughout the school year. Local scientists - many of whom are Humboldt alum - introduce our students to a variety of topics, demonstrating real-world applications of scientific study and helping students understand what it means to be a professional in their chosen field. Our tribal partners share their point of view on marine science and conservation - underlining the importance of culture, traditional knowledge, history, and social justice to the topics.

Over the course of the year, you’ll work with members of the community, and get to know the faculty, staff and Humboldt peer mentors and student support services who will help you grow academically and personally.